Patrick Hearn
CEO & Founder

Patrick has secured 90% of the US Government workforce’s identity programs and created one of the first risk analysis platforms in the world; Patrick takes strategy, makes it real, and gets it done. His reach extends from Washington DC to Silicon Valley, Europe and beyond with specialties in Identity Security, Cloud/ AI platforms, Intel, Fintech, and much more.

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Bob Seeman

An entrepreneur, electrical engineer and California Attorney, Bob has founded companies focused on: global consumer sentiment, pharmaceuticals, global advertising and company branding. He was Head of Strategy of Microsoft Network and is an expert in data privacy, data policy, IoT, AI, business strategy, business development, intellectual property and financing.

Bryan Ichikawa

Bryan has over 30 years of security and technology experience working for US Federal, foreign Government, and commercial clients. Bryan brings top clearances, board level experience, 2 patents, and a depth and breadth of capability combined with an honest and pragmatic approach will bring significant value to your organization. 

DJ Skelton

DJ is a national leader and advocate in the Military and Veteran space.  He has held many positions advising executive leaders in government to include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, as well as a National Ambassador to the White House Suicide Prevention Task Force: PREVENTS.

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Ed Dietrich

Ed is a cutting-edge security technology master. Spotting, assessing, developing market opportunities, and strategy from Series A’s to fully industrialized global players. Ed’s been a founder and leader and has built, what very few have accomplished, permanent customer relationships. Equally adept in Government and Commercial markets, his strategic insight translates into shareholder value.

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Kelli Emerick

Kelli has represented clients’ interests in Washington, DC before the US Congress and the Administration for 25+ years. As an entrepreneur leading a Government affairs firm, Kelli creates, manages and executes legislative outreach initiatives and leads trade associations and coalitions supporting innovations in the technology industry, often leading to policy and market paradigm shifts. 

Tom Blank

Tom’s a creator & leader. He was a “Founder” at two US Government Agencies; TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) with his path continuing to, most recently, Chief of Staff at ICE. From strategic communications to advocacy, Tom has been the go to for NYSE Corporations, a prior Speaker of the House, Tier #1 DC firms and 2 additional Agencies.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet is a passionate professional leader with more than 17 years of experience in leading-edge technologies of network security and identity management. He is a motivating and enthusiastic entrepreneur with first-class interactive skills and the desire to cultivate the dream of his company with all his heart and hard work.

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Paula Santos

Paula has 25 years experience delivering more than $500 million USD in products and services, managing more than 200 people, have 11 patents, raised over $45 million USD in private capital, co-founded 6 companies, has published multiple books , hold degrees from 3 universities, and speaks 4 languages.

Vikram Singh

Vikram is a senior executive and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. His expertise in policy, defense, Asia, technology, international negotiation, legislative strategy, partnerships, research, defense trade, geoeconomics, and strategic communications bring cutting edge strategy to the national security community.

Alexandra Bradshaw
Sales Associate

Alexandra graduated cum laude from Penn State, studied psychology​ and is currently in a masters professional studies program at Penn State for Homeland Security. Previously, she worked as a research specialist in pancreatic/colorectal cancer and was a legal research assistant focusing on efficacy of veteran’s treatment courts.​